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What is a source?

Excel, as a spread sheet application was a superstar tool in the past, helping organizations become more productive and efficient at work. In today ever demanding business world, the situation has slightly changed.

Spreadsheets are excellent tools for solving KPIs, forecasting and planning. They allow you to collate and visualize small amount of data. Nevertheless, the same reason they have robust features is what makes them exceed the borderlines of their usefulness and allow errors to happen. Spreadsheet makes it easy to make errors which could influence the business decisions and health. So what’s the alternative?

You deserve better tools! The best way to quickly get an overview of your business’s performance is to use KPI software. The future of KPI software looks brighter now more than ever because it is gaining more acceptance from modern day business owners. Getting your KPI software could be the best business decision you ever make.


The challenges faced with spreadsheets and KPIs

The major problem faced by organizations with business applications such as KPIs is that they are sometimes abused, partially understood or poorly implemented. They also rely on spreadsheet as fortitude for every KPI management, forecasting, database or collation need, which is not a good way, especially if errors exist. Most problems do arise with this mindset.

The advantages of a cloud based KPI Tracker

  • It provides businesses with razor-sharp focus platform to create, manage and analyze KPI data.
  • It allows organizations to enter their KPI data into a sophisticated, specially designed system rather than use conventional methods such as spread sheets – which are prone to errors.
  • The software also provides a simplified breakdown of business performance through data visualizations such as dashboards and graphs.
  • This powerful tool also allows you to keep a real time view of performance, and a built-in functionality to drill down the cause.
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