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Aimed specifically at the construction, engineering and building industries, this set of KPIs is set to track performance in areas such as productivity, deliveries and safety. Industry experts developed this base set of KPIs to help you optimize your own performance tracking strategy. With this set, you will be able to apply best practice approach to make well-weighed decisions related to every aspect of your project.

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Construction Hours to Date

The total amount of construction hours to date

Construction Schedule Variance

The variance in the construction schedule

Cost Per Km / Mile

The cost of per 1 km/1 mile of construction

Defect Rework Cost

The total cost of amending defects

Defects Found

The number of defects spotted by clients

Projected Construction Hours

The projected construction hours

Reportable Incidents

The total number of safety incidents reported this period

Square Meter Cost

The overall construction cost per 1 Square Meter