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This set of KPIs is extremely useful for companies of all sizes dealing extensively with finances. Financial KPIs included in this set are Disputed Invoices, EBIT, Revenue and working capital, and more. Financial experts have selected each KPI in this set, which resulted in an extensive selection of KPIs to help you optimize your own performance tracking strategy. Use this set to successfully implement best practice approach to financial performance tracking.

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Consulting Revenue

Revenue generated from financial consulting

Cost of goods / Services

Inventory costs of goods or services sold

Daily Cash

Overall Cash Balance

Disputed Invoices

The percentage of filed invoice disputes


Earnings before interest and taxes.

Financial Reporting Accuracy

The percentage of correct reports produced monthly

Gross Profit Margin

Difference between revenue and cost before accounting for other costs


The total Margin

Net Assets

The total Net Assets

Net Profit

The measure of profitability after accounting for all costs

Net Profit Margin

Percentage comparing net profit after taxes to revenue

Number of Employees

The employee count

Order entry

Daily order entry

Outstanding invoice amount

Settlement of Outstanding Invoices

Overdue Invoices

The number of overdue invoices


Overall business income

Revenue per employee

Revenue by the total number of employees

Working Capital

Current assets minus current liabilities