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This set of KPIs was created to help track performance in healthcare. KPIs included in this set are MURS, NMS, Triage Treatments and more. To provide a sustainable best practice approach to healthcare KPI monitoring, this set has been carefully designed to provide a manageable set of KPIs related to healthcare.

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Employee Referrals

Number of Employee Referrals over a selected period

Health Care Costs per Employee

Average cost per employee

Hospital Infection rate

Number of patients contracting an infection while being treated

Locum Spend

Locum Spend


Medicine Use Reviews


New Medicine Services Completed


The number of prescriptions issued

Prescriptions dispensed

The number of prescription medications dispensed

Time to Fill

Human Resources - Average time in days to fill a position

Triage Presentations

The number of Triage Presentations over a selected period

Triage Treatments

The number of Triage Treatments

Waiting Times

The average waiting time for patients