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Non Profit/Charities

Non-profit organizations of all sizes will benefit from using this curated set of KPIs. It tracks parameters such as Admissions, Donations and Referrals, as well as many more. Experts created this set of KPIs to provide a uniform, best practice approach to performance tracking for charities.

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Actual Pledges received

Pledges fulfilled within a selected period


The number of admissions this week

Bed Occupancy

The number of occupied beds this week

Charity Revenue

Revenue over a selected period


The total number of donations received over a selected period

Number of pledges

The overall number of pledges received over a selected period

Online Donations received

The online donations received over a selected period

Planned Discharges

The number of Planned Discharges this week


The number of referrals this week

Unplanned Discharges

The number of unplanned discharges this week