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This KPI set is focused on operational performance and may be of use for a variety of industries. Some of the values monitored include Planned Productive Time, Supply Chain Miles and Wasted Materials, as well as other key performance indicators. Industry experts have carefully developed each of these KPIs which together provide a complex approach to Operations KPI-based performance tracking.

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Actual Productive Time

The actual productive time of plants and/or machines

Carbon Footprint

The carbon usage this period measured in tonnes

Down Time Percentage

The calculated downtime of the machine or plant in %

Planned Productive Time

The planned productive time of plants and/or machines

Product Recycling Rate

The percentage of the recycled product

Supplier Performance Score

The total supplier performance score

Supply Chain Miles

Product location to final delivery in miles

Total Waste Created

The total volume of waste created over the selected period

Waste Recycled

The volume of recycled waste over the selected period

Waste Recycling Rate

The recycled waste percentage

Wasted Material

The wasted raw material over the selected period