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Rental Lettings

KPIs for Rental and Letting industries were developed by top experts to help you manage and track performance in this sector. In this set you will find KPIs relevant to areas including but not limited to actively let properties, property viewings, re-letting times and rental arrear evictions. Together, these form a base set of KPIs to help create and/or optimize your own business strategy based on relevant metrics.

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Actively let properties

The number of actively let properties at a given time

Average property letting time

The average time taken to let a new property

Average tenure of property

Average tenure per property over a year

Early termination

The number of early terminations of tenancy

Property manager properties

Average number of properties managed per property manager

Property Viewings

Viewings occurring before a successful tenancy agreement

Registered / Actively looking

The number of registered people on a lookout for properties

Reletting time

The average number of weeks taken to re-let a property

Rent Arrear Evictions

Tenants evicted as a result of rent arrears in %

Reported Defects

The number of faults reported per month

Seeking Possession Served

The number of possession orders fulfilled