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Retail outlet performance management and monitoring has never been easier, thanks to this specialized set of retail-oriented KPIs. Some of the included KPIs are retail price, cost of goods, net sales and gross margin, as well as other parameters. Together, these KPIs provide a uniform approach to performance tracking in Retail.

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Average Basket Spend

The average transaction value

Average Shopping Time

The average shopping time over the selected period

Cost of Goods

The retail price excluding the mark up

Customer Retention

The number of repeat customers relative to new purchasers

Fixed Cost Per period

The total cost of opening over the selected period

Gross Margin

Total sales excluding the cost of goods

Gross Sales

The total overall sales value

Net Sales

Gross Sales excluding Returns and Allowances

Offline Sales

Sales made in-store

Online Purchases

Sales made online

Online vs In Store purchases

The ratio of online and in store sales

Retail Price

The total cost of goods including the mark-up

Returns & Allowances

The values of Returns & Allowances

Shop Visitors

The number of outlet visits

Transaction Count

The number of transactions

Visitor buying Ratio

The proportion of visitors who make a purchase