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Online marketing can be effortlessly monitored with this curated set of KPIs relevant for SEO. The values monitored include Inbound links, OSOV, SMM Post activity, Bounce Rate, and much more. Industry experts designed this set to help you track, manage and improve your website’s performance when it comes to search engine rankings.

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Average site time

The average time a visitor spends on the website

Blog Posts

The number of blog posts over the selected period

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate over the current week

Case Studies

The number of case studies over the selected period

Clicks from Google

The number of clicks generated from Google searches

Goal Conversion Rate

The percentage of visitors to a site that have completed a set action or goal

Google impressions

The number of Google impressions over the current week

Inbound Links

The number of inbound links to your website

Keyword position

The position of the selected keyword

Natural Search Traffic

The number of visits coming from organic searches

OSOV - Online Share of Voice

The ratio of positive, negative and neutral comments related to your business

PPC Traffic

The number of visitors from PPC

Press Release

The number of press releases over the selected period

Returning visitors

Number of Returning Visitors to your website

SMM Post Activity

The number of posts, blogs or tweets over the selected period


The number of tweets over the selected period

Unique website visitors

The total number of unique visitors over the selected period

Webinars this period

The number of webinars conducted over the selected period

White Papers

The number of white papers released and distributed over the selected period