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Transportation & Haulage

This specialized set of transportation-focused KPIs has been developed by industry experts to assist in monitoring and management of various aspects of transportation and haulage. This includes operating vehicles, deliveries, warehouses and much more. Each KPI is extremely useful to create or optimize your own transportation performance plan.

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Average ETA

The average estimate time of arrival

Booked future pickups

The number of pickups booked scheduled for upcoming dates

Cancelled Pickup / Orders

The number of cancelled pickups or orders

Damage Rate

The percentage of total damaged deliveries

Delivered On time %

The percentage of orders delivered on time


Total Deliveries over the selected period

Drivers Absent

The number of currently absent drivers

Fleet Costs

Total running costs per vehicle

Incorrect or No Paperwork

Paperwork mistakes and missing documents

Late deliveries

The number of late deliveries

Number of Drivers Available

The total number of drivers available over the selected period

On Time Deliveries

Number of timely deliveries

Onsite damage

Damages discovered after receiving deliveries

Operating Vehicles

The number of vehicles operating over the selected period

Preloading Damage

Damage discovered prior to loading

Premium pickups / orders

The number of premium pickups/orders

Routed Distance

The total distance in a direct route

Routed Hours

Total hours in a direct route

Total Pickups / Orders

The total number of daily pickups or orders

Transit Damage

Damage discovered before unloading but after transit

Unable to deliver

The number of deliveries unable to be completed

Warehouse Space

Space left in the warehouse

Wrong Delivery details

The number of incorrect delivery details entries