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Any company specializing in Sales and Sales reporting will find this specialized set of KPIs highly useful. Performance areas that can be tracked with this curated KPI set include prospects, opportunities, up sales and more. This set of KPIs has been developed by industry experts to ensure best practice approach to management and monitoring of sales, as well as performance improvement and reporting.

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Attempted 'Up Sales'

The number of attempted 'Up Sales' per unit sold

Average Sale Revenue

The average revenue in a single sale

Closing efficiency

Number of provided quotes relative to successful sales

Cost of Sales Force

The cost of the sales force

Face to Face visits

The number of face to face customer visits

New Sales Percentage

New sales to repeated sales ratio

New Sales Revenue

Revenue generated from new customers

Number of Sales

The number of sales by unit


The number of leads, contacts obtained and other potential sales opportunities

Proposals Issued

Number of issued proposals

Proposals lost

Number of lost proposals

Prospect Meetings

The number of prospect meetings


The number of quotes by unit

Repeat Sales Revenue

Sales Revenue from returning customers

Sales Pipeline Value

The current value of sales opportunities

Sales Revenue

Sales revenue over the selected period

Successful 'Up sales'

Number of successful up sales

Upselling Success Rate

The percentage of successful upselling attempts

Value of Quotes

The Value of Quotes over the selected period