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Customer Service

Industry professionals have curated this set to track KPIs related to customer service, such as feedback, the proportion of satisfied customers and warranty claims, as well as much more. Industry experts developed this base set of KPIs to help you optimize your own performance tracking strategy.

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Complaint resolution time

The time taken to rectify a customer complaint

Customer Complaints: Verbal

The number of verbal customer complaints

Customer Complaints: Written

The number of written customer complaints

Overdue Service Requests

The percentage service requests or queries which are overdue

Positive feedback

The total count of positive comments and feedback calls

Satisfaction Surveys

The number of satisfaction surveys handed out

Satisfied Customers

The percentage of satisfied customers this period

Service Desk Costs

The operating costs of the service desk

Warranty Claims

The number of warranty claims over a period

Calls & Chats Abandon Rate

The abandonment rate of calls and chats

Total Calls

The total number of calls including answered and unanswered

Total Chats

The total number of customer service chats

Abandoned Calls

The total number of abandoned calls this period

Abandoned Chats

The total number of abandoned chats this period

Active Issues

The number of unresolved / open issues this period

Average call queue time

The average time a customer was held in a queue

Customer Retention Rate

The customer retention rate

Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer Satisfaction score 0 - 100%

First Response Time

The average First Response time

Percentage of calls transferred

The percentage of calls transferred to another employee for resolving the issue

Resolved issues

The total number of resolved issues

Training Cost

The average cost of training investment per employee

First call Resolution

The total number of issues resolved on the first call