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Support Centre

This set is for call centers and companies who process customer calls internally. Items included in this set are Service Levels, Call Handel Time resolutions and Customer Satisfaction. Call centre experts assisted in the development of this set of KPIs in order to help optimize your own support centre performance. If you are on a lookout for the best practice approach to managing your call centre – this package is for you.

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Abandoned Calls

The total count of abandoned calls

Agent Days Worked

The number of agent days worked during the month

Average Wait Time

The average on-hold time measured in seconds

Call Center Expenses

Overall expenses of the support centre

Call Conversions

The total count of sales generated from phone calls

Call Handle Time

The average call duration

Calls Conversion Percentage

The total percentage of calls that generated sales

Cost Per Call

The number of calls divided by the expenses of the support centre

Customer Satisfaction

Percentage of satisfied customers

First Contact Resolution

The number of resolutions completed on first call

Inbound Calls

The total number of calls including answered and unanswered

Service Grade

The number of inbound calls picked up within 10 seconds

Total Answered Calls

The total number of calls answered